I can’t help myself, I just love Independence day. This year we spent our first evening of vacation out on the water. There is nothing quite as American as some good ol’ canoeing and fishing.

I was in heaven on the water, gliding across the glass in our trusty canoe–our love canoe.  Zach was probably dreaming of killing or skinning some animal; I was watching an elegant mother duck as she lovingly corralled her little crew of ducklings.  Their fuzzy little bobbleheads almost broke my swoon-o-meter.  That, my friends, is what happiness feels like.  It was the perfect way to start my holiday weekend and reflect about how much I love America.

Photo Credit: Paige Dance


Seriously? How cute is my friend Paige in this picture?! It’s killin’ me! And check out that massive crawdad!


Later, we escaped the hustle and bustle of the parades and headed to the mountains to go biking. It felt so good to kick up a little dust and hit the trails. I love how mountain biking takes your focus off the peddling and suddenly you are focused on… well… not flying over your handlebars. It brings a whole new element into biking that I love! Plus, our bikes are patriotic. Cute, huh?


On the 4th Zach had to work at the dairy. Somehow he always gets stuck working the holidays, but the cows need to be fed, even on Independence day.  I agreed to tag along to make the work go faster. At about 5am I was trudging along, dragging a shovel behind me and dreaming about my downy pillow. Why was I there scooping poop? Was it really that important that Zach finished work early today? His family wouldn’t miss us if we met up with them a couple hours later. Right at that moment a ray of sun burst through the farm window and reflected off a silver cobweb that was covered in perfect dews of water. This instantly changed my attitude about working on the farm that morning. I was no longer a complaining little stinker, but a farm wife out of a storybook.  I felt as if I should go gather eggs from our pretend chicken coop and go make pancakes for my husband and 12 children.


As soon as we were finished working we hit the road to go camping. Spending the last couple of days with family capped off our weekend in an amazing way. Whether we were zooming around the trails on four wheelers or playing card games at the picnic table, there was never a dull moment. It was the perfect way to end our American celebration.


How did you spend your 4th of July weekend?

Happy Birthday America! We love you.



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