Hey everybody! Please forgive me for my absence. I started a new position at work and I am just getting adjusted to my new responsibilities. I now do social media for NordicTrack and it has been such a fun change, more about that later. I just wanted to post a few pics of what is going on around here.



This year I have really got into the spirit of the holidays. Last year my mind was being controlled by a thing I like to call the “Evil Monster” a.k.a college. It has been so great having extra time to enjoy decorating my home. I was inspired by this blog for my front porch decor. http://finditmakeitloveit.com/2013/10/no-carve-pumpkin-ideas.html?m=0


Fall is just perfectly perfect in every way. If I could spend every moment outside, I would. A tear comes to my eye with the thought of icy roads that I cannot bike on.


So for those of you who don’t know, my husband is in the Agriculture program at USU. On Saturday they Ag program held a huge BBQ to raise money for scholarships. Zach volunteered to drive the tractor and pull a wagon to transport people from the parking lot to the BBQ. I got to join him for a couple of hours.  There is just nothing quite like hanging out with your man in a tractor. (P.S. Our very first kiss was in a tractor.)


I forgot to mention that this weekend was the big homecoming game! The Aggies were on fire, and we had amazing seats. I seriously never want this season to end.


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