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  Happy Friday everyone! I am making it a goal to share more of my work here on my site, so here we go! This is a project that my sister Natalie envisioned and it evolved into an entire sewing poster project for our mom. By the way, my mother is a crazy sewing lady, and if you ever need anything quilted you should call her. She is the best...

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Ode to Autumn

Hey everybody! Please forgive me for my absence. I started a new position at work and I am just getting adjusted to my new responsibilities. I now do social media for NordicTrack and it has been such a fun change, more about that later. I just wanted to post a few pics of what is going on around here.   This year I have really got into the spirit of...

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Labor Day in the Country

We spend our holiday weekend in the country. It was absolutely beautiful. I hope someday we can live away from the city in a place like this.          

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